Guidelines for Public Worship


On November 16 our Church Council approved

a return to live, in-person worship in our sanctuary

with continuing Zoom services beginning November 28, 2021.



November 28, 2021

A Return of Live, In-Person Worship in Our Sanctuary

with continuing Zoom services


A person may not attend/enter the church if that he/she/they:

  • Have symptoms compatible with COVID-19

  • Have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting their result

  • Have a known exposure in the past 14 days with someone with COVID-19*

  • Have been in a situation putting them at risk of unknown exposure to the virus causing COVID-19 in the past 14 days**

* This criterion could be waived if the person has had a negative test for COVID-19 performed at least 3 days following exposure and if the exposure was at least 7 days ago.

** This could include return from international travel.

For the safety of all, every visitor in the church is required to follow the guidelines.

Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in denied access to the building or a request to leave the building.

Due to the evolving nature of the epidemiology conditions, thank you for understanding that these guidelines may be subject to change.




Ushers will assist at the entrance and exit.

1. Entrance: Lombard Crescent

2. Exit: 1800 Graham Blvd. Accommodations may be made for accessibility.

3. Arrival: Guests are requested to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start of event. Avoid crowding at the entrance.

4. Departure: Guests are requested to leave the building at the end of the event. Please avoid lingering.

5. Guest register: Each person is required to register with name and contact information when arriving

6. MRUC permitted seating capacity is a maximum between 70-75 participants depending on the number of individuals

per family cluster.

7. Mandatory use of face masks, properly fitted and worn to cover the nose and mouth at all times. Masks are required

for everyone aged 5 and over.

8. Mandatory hand cleaning with hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

9. Social distancing of 2 meters at all time between different family bubbles. A bubble is a unit of people who live in the

same household. Note that despite provincial guidelines of 1 meter recommended social distancing, MRUC requires 2

meters due to its church ventilation.

10. Avoid physical contact.

11. Avoid sharing objects: single use bulletins may be provided but cannot be shared. Please take bulletin home after the


12. Follow directional arrows when entering, exiting and moving about in church. Ushers are available to help, if needed.

13. In the Sanctuary, please follow Seating Guide.

14. Movement within the church: Follow directional arrows when entering, exiting and moving about in church. Ushers

are available to help, if needed. Celebrants and participants must minimize movement around the sanctuary once

settled in place.

15. Minister, readers, music director and soloists will be distanced appropriately

16. Microphones, Pulpit and Lectern will be cleaned after each use. Foam covers on microphones will be replaced and

pulpit and lectern cleaned by the custodian.

17. Congregational singing is permitted but masks must be worn properly.

18. Sunday offering will be received in offertory receptacles at the front of the chancel steps.

19. In-person communion, when held, will utilize pre-packaged communion elements.

20. Washrooms: Spray sanitizer is available for cleaning.

21. No post-service coffee/fellowship time until further notice.

22. Nursery will not be available until further notice.

If anyone tests positive for COVID within 14 days

after attending a service, please notify the church immediately.