Right Relations Group

This group at MRUC grew out of the 'Living into Right Relations' initiative of the United Church of Canada whose aim was to work towards developing better relationships with Canada's First Nations peoples and addressing the wrongs done to them by Canadian society and the churches.  The group started meeting in the fall 2012 with the main focus to educate ourselves about the history of First Nations peoples in Canada, including the residential schools, in preparation for the Truth and Reconciliation gathering that will take place in Montreal, April 24th to the 27th.  The group followed the excellent study guide 'Towards Justice and Right Relations:  A beginning'.   We also had Ann Carriere Acco, a Metis elder originally from western Canada, speak to us about the relationship of the Canadian government with First Nations peoples and the impact of policies on First Nations peoples, including the Indian Act and the creation of the residential schools.  More First Nations speakers are planned as well as visits to the local communities.  Working with other ‘right relations groups’ we will explore concrete ways to support First Nations peoples in their search for justice in Canadian society.