Holy Communion

With bread and wine* 

            we remember all the meals that Jesus shared with his friends,

            especially his last supper in the upper room.

Communion reminds us of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection,

            and of all that God has done for us.

It makes us aware of Christ’s continued presence among us.

It draws us together in discipleship and love,

            and makes us one around Christ’s table,

                      where so many others are welcomed and have been welcomed before  .....................us. 

It reminds us that God is still at work in the world, by the spirit,

            offering us ways of forgiveness and reconciliation, 

                      love and compassion, strength and hope.

“In these sacraments the ordinary things of life —water, bread, wine—

point beyond themselves to God and God’s love,

            teaching us to be alert

            to the sacred in the midst of life.”                     

  (United Church’s Song of Faith, 2006) 

* At congregational worship services, non-alcoholic wine or juice is ordinarily used.