Our History

Our History

Our church was founded in October, 1925, a few months after the Methodist Church of Canada, the Congregational Union of Canada and most of the Presbyterian Church in Canada joined to form the United Church of Canada. Our congregation moved from its original site on Laird Blvd. to the present location in December, 1951. An extension was opened in 1960 to accommodate the growth of the church and the many activities centered there. In 1990, the congregation of Fairmount-St. Giles United Church in Outremont amalgamated with us. In 2007, St-Andrews-Norwood United Church amalgamated and in  2010 Rosedale Queen Mary United Church amalgamated to form the present congregation. 

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Our Building 

The main entrance to the Sanctuary, with a ramp for wheelchair access, is on Lombard Crescent. The church offices, meeting rooms and secondary passages to the Sanctuary are accessible through the entries at 1800 Graham Blvd. There is reserved parking space for the disabled at this entrance.

Graced by stained-glass memorial windows and our famed collection of hand-crafted banners our Sanctuary is noted for its excellent acoustics. It is occasionally a venue for musical performances ranging from symphony orchestra concerts to jazz vespers. A Casavant organ and a grand piano play an integral part in our worship services.