Refugee Sponsorship

Mount Royal United Church & St. Peter’s Anglican Church

June 12, 2017

Donald Cho


Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR)   Summary Progress report #5

The conception of this humanitarian task started in August 2015. Through church protocol this undertaking was approved by 2 congregations. By the end of April 2016, applications for the refugee family of 5 was completed and submitted by Action Réfugiés Montréal (A.R.M.) to Immigration Québec (MIDI). On May 27, 2016 MIDI informed A.R.M. that family approval was given and that their applications were passed on to Canadian Immigration (C.I.C.) for processing. We hope the process can be expedited quickly and now patiently wait.  



As of March 21, 2017 the family has completed their medical examination.

As of May 31, 2017 Georgette and Fadia informed Emily at A.R.M. “ that her sister Fedaa has been called in for a meeting tomorrow. In Lebanon, families are often called in to meet with an organization that is hired by the Canadian government to review their immigration forms and make updates as necessary. This is not the interview, but rather, preparation for the interview. Fadia and her family should also be called for a similar appointment in due time.”


Quote from Action Réfugiés Montréal     Guideline for Congregations


In this application refugees must show that they are eligible for the program by showing that they are either a Convention refugee or a person from the Country of Asylum Class.

·         a Convention Refugee Abroad – have a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion / be outside of their country of origin / have no durable solution

·         a person in the Country of Asylum Class – have been seriously and personally affected by civil war or armed conflict / be outside of their country of origin / have no durable solution


Once the application is submitted to the government it is sent abroad to the visa office which manages the region the refugee is currently living in. Each visa office has a different wait time. These wait times vary from 10 to 60 months. This is the delay before the refugee is called for an interview. At the end of the interview they are normally informed if they are accepted or rejected.

Refugees from Syria : Most arrive between 8 and 12 months after the application has been sent, some applications can take longer (ex. 24 months)

After a positive interview decision by the Visa Officer, the Canadian authorities will do the following tests:

·         Medical screening (only for public health risks)

·         Security screening (involvement in armed groups or war crimes)

·         Criminality screening (convictions for serious offences)


Sponsoring a refugee family involves covering all costs for 1 year, related to food, shelter, health care and relocation and helping the family find work, learn French and settle in Montreal, Quebec.


Our financial appeal from our 2 churches and community has been outstanding. We have reached $40,875.  A total funding of $46,000 would be required. This extra funding is for unexpected medical needs especially dental care. If you want please submit your donation at your preferred church.


Your joint sponsorship team of 25 volunteers has agreed to settle a family of five for one year. Edward and Fadia are the parents with son Houman (10 yrs) and daughter Rita (5 yrs). Fida is the sister of Fadia. Their family contact in Montreal is Georgette, a cousin. They were living in Damascus and then fled to Lebanon to escape the conflict. Now they are living in a one room dwelling. The family is Muslim and speaks Arabic, some English and some French.


Our active joint sponsorship team has worked diligently the past 20 months and we are ready. An important Code of Ethics document was put together - we are committed to respecting ethical principles.  For your perusal please contact us.   


Meanwhile all of us will be preparing for their arrival and we will be there at Aéroport Pierre Elliot Trudeau to welcome our newcomers to Canada and la belle province du Québec.


Thank you very much for your support and help with our Syrian Refugee Sponsorship project. It is very much appreciated. With God’s blessings and guidance, we look forward to shortly receiving good news.


“ Let There be Peace on Earth ! “