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MRUC Sunday Bulletin


Mount Royal United Church

1800 Graham Blvd., Town of Mount Royal, QC H3R 1G9

Phone & Fax: 514-739-7741, E-mail: mruc514@gmail.com

Keep up to date with our website: www.mountroyalunited.ca

You can now find us on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/MountRoyalUnitedChurch
Ministering to the Congregation:  David Clinker
Organist/Choir Director:  Michel Gauthier
Sunday School and Youth Ministry: Leanne MacLachlan 
Designated Congregational Outreach Minister at COCLA: Julio Rivera

July 15, 2018

All are welcome at Mount Royal United Church!

If you are a newcomer, please introduce yourself to the greeters and join us for refreshments in Lynn Hall following the service.


Tous et toutes sont bienvenue à l’Église Unie Mont-Royal.

Si vous êtes un nouveau venu, veuillez-vous présenter aux personnes qui accueillent. Après le service venez prendre des rafraichissements avec nous et faire connaissance.

The congregation extends its deepest condolences to

Joan Johnstone and her family on the loss of her daughter, Heather.  A private family service was held here Saturday, June 16.



Don’t forget to pick up your Fundscrip cards this morning

in Lynn Hall after the service.

Newcomers’ Welcome Form / Update of our Church Directory:  

·  We invite you to provide us with general information in order for us to communicate with you and your family. The information you provide will be used for our church directory only.

·  For those that would like to update their church info, please also fill in this form.

·  Please ask an usher for this form. 

·  For any inquiries, contact Donald Cho (Thank you.)

 Let’s keep in touch!


A  New Information Flyer for Mount Royal United Church is available for you to show your friends and to invite them to worship with us on Sundays.  You can ask your friendly usher for it. 


Uni-Frais is the name chosen for out Mission Strategy Food Project. The response from COCLA, MultiCaf and the NDG Food Depot has been very positive after the first three months of contributions. Anyone who is interested in volunteering, please contact Lex or Ingrid for MultiCaf, Ann for COCLA or Robin for the NDG Food Depot.

MULTICAF  The unifying program, set up in collaboration with Mount Royal United Church, allows for the purchase and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables for meals in the cafeteria and through the food bank. Nearly 20,000 servings of fresh fruit were served during lunches and more than 15,000 servings of fresh vegetables were distributed through the food bank through this partnership.

NDG Food Depot Participants have noticed the change and are very appreciative. Here is what they have to say about our emergency basket program:

“It has a feeling that the world can be kinder, you can keep your standards, even having less money, but still eat well.”

“The sense of how you can turn giving out food into a more interactive community. It’s hopefully going to get us away from stigmatizing people.”



 The following book list was offered our student minister, Cindy Casey.  The first five books were recommended to her by Dr. Bernard Lapointe of the Jewish General Hospital's Palliative Care Ward, and are primarily directed to those providing a variety of services in the Palliative Care setting.  The last book, written by the son of a terminally ill woman, has been used for a Book Study, and is patient/family/friend oriented.

 Dying Well: The Prospect for Growth at the End of Life (by Ira Byock, MD)

 Final Gifts:  Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs &  Communications of the Dying. (Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley)

 The Best Care Possible. (Ira Byock, MD)

 Crossing Over:  Narratives of Palliative Care.      (David Barnard, Anna Towers, Patricia Boston, Yanna Lambrinidou)

 Whole Person Care: A New Paradigm for the 21st Century.      (Tom A. Hutchison)

 The End of Your Life Book Club.  (Will Schwalbe)


Volunteers are needed to help serve coffee and tea after church each Sunday. All that is required is to leave church before the last hymn, and help serve the coffee and clean the table after. This takes about 15minutes of your time. Please sign the sheet that will be on the coffee table with your availability. Men welcomed! 

Don’t forget, the refrigerator is cleaned out on a regular basis.  Please label your food and drink with your name or the name of your group and the date, so we know how long it has been there.  
A pen and labels are provided.  Thank you for your cooperation.


“Roofs for the Roofless” is a small organization working in tandem with rural leaders and councils in small communities in Southern India.  Its primary   goal is to restore dignity to the  people of these communities by liberating them from the endless cycle of  poverty, starvation and death.  Through various projects in housing, health care, education, sanitation and water supply which touches the hearts of the people,

          Although the “Roofs” I know you care

          Our little jar remains quite bare

          Ten cents provides a bowl of rice

          Without ten pennies, a dime would be nice

          Your gift of silver would be a loving touch

          Sent to “Roofs” with thanks......so much!


THE FESTIVAL OF FAITH: Risking Faith, Daring Hope

When:    Saturday and Sunday, July 21‒22, 2018.

Where: 43rd General Council at UOIT Durham in Oshawa, ON

What:     A celebration of our work and witness through the arts

Cost:      `Free!

Something new is rising. The United Church of Canada is going through a sort of metamorphosis. General Council 43, to be held in Oshawa, July 2018 will be a watershed.

Before the official opening of GC43, the Festival of Faith will commence. This event will bring together musicians, authors, dancers, story tellers and crafts people on Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22.  Artists and artisans will roll in early in the morning, to set up their tents before the crowds arrive. There will be workshops to inform and inspire, sharing the vitality of our work and witness.  And there will be opportunities to connect and to offer your own voice and artistry in the Coffee House or on the Green. Music, spoken word, ideas, movement and spiritual exploration are all on offer. See you there!




CONCERT IN THE PARK (on Thursdays)

at 7:00 pm in Connaught Park*

*(in case of rain will be held at the Town Hall, 90 Roosevelt Ave.)

July 19 – 4midables, Top 40

August 2 – Jazz Street Boyz – Jazz

August 9 – Élage Diouf – World music



Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 pm in Danyluk Park*



at 8:30 pm in Danyluk Park*

Tuesday, July 31 – Mune, le gardien de la lune



Treat your taste buds to classic blueberry deserts

while enjoying a musical treat with JoAnne Mitchell.

Wednesday, August 1st at 14:00 in the Town Hall, Schofield Hall

The price is $8 - (No tickets will be sold at the door.)

Tickets available at the Recreation Centre until July 27th.


Summer Programming Jun 17th-Sept 9th

As summer approaches we’ll be wrapping up our regular programming. During the summer we invite our youth and young adults to join the rest of the congregants in the service. Our nursery will remain open for our pre-school aged children and younger. We will continue a more relaxed program of outdoors games and activities for our school aged children. See you again in the fall!


Grillades Portugaise FOGO, 825, boul. Décarie, VSL

You might enjoy tasting the delicious grilled chicken that is available at COCLA’s new community based restaurant, FOGO –

a venture intended to provide us with succulent Portuguese chicken (with a Peruvian twist) and also to provide work experience for community members.  The chicken is delicious and the cause is worthy.


Thank you for your ongoing financial support,

as well as for your gifts of time and talent.

Our congregation can continue our ministry through your generosity.

(We receive no government or corporate funding

for programing, or, the upkeep of our building.)


Of course, we continue to donate not only non-perishable food, but $1,200 a week for fresh fruits and vegetables to these local food banks:

NDG Food Depot; Multi-Caf; COCLA


Many lay people are called to courageously step forward to give leadership in worship. Those who have participated in a Licensed Lay Worship Leader (LLWL) program have chosen to develop their leadership gifts further.

The United Church has recognized a need for people to be supported through a training and licensing program. This gives both the lay leader and the congregation confidence that their leadership is built upon a strong theological and biblical foundation that is consistent with the ethos of the United Church.

A licensed lay worship leader is a full member who has been determined to have gifts and a sense of call to the ministry of worship leadership and preaching, and who has developed these gifts through participation in a course of study and is licensed by a presbytery.