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Joint Sponsorship



August 29, 2018

Donald Cho


Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR)   Progress report #8

From April 1 to August 29, 2018:

The mission of your joint sponsorship team continues onwards with amazing accomplishments..      


Latest brief news activity update:


Ø  April 10   Sponsorship meeting 21 to finalize list in preparation for Fadia and her family and

               other issues concerning Fedaa.

Ø  From April 10 to May 4

               The housing team of 8+ have searched for affordable suitable 2 bedroom lodging for

               Fadia. Once again they have “pounded the pavement“ and scoured websites and other


Ø  April 24   Housing strategy meeting to review our findings and draw up a plan of action.

Ø  May 4      Finally after 6+ lodging possibilities and with persistence and back and forth negotiation,

                a Lease to Promise was signed, just in time for our family.    

Ø  May 9     Preparation and cleaning of duplex apartment - team of 5 at work

Ø  May 11    Big move #2  12 movers transported furnishings to the apartment     

Ø  May 17     New kitchen stove & fridge delivered, food staples in place, arranging apartment

Ø  May 18     Airport Welcome Team of 16 greeted   Fadia, Edwar, Homam, Rita

Ø  June 19    Sponsorship Welcoming Pot Luck – getting to know each other !      


Ø  The Integration group helped Fadia and family with application for the S.I.N., health and permanent resident cards etc

Ø  The finance / budget group reviewed with Fadia the financial sponsorship support.

o   Opened RBC bank account along with other bank benefits for a newcomer

o   Duplex lodging found in Ahuntsic – Cartierville area, rent payments made

o   Applied to both federal and provincial child benefit programs

o   Registered to francization courses at William Hingston,

o   Fedaa also signed up for English courses

o   Signed up for soccer camp at Jarry park (Homam),

o   both children signed up for summer day camp

o   Enrolled in school board for the children


Ø  June 12 The Code of Ethics was reviewed and discussed, along with other issues,

Ø  June 30 Fadia, Edwar helped at the Mini Prix store in Cote des Neiges

Ø  July 1   The family attended the Canada Day celebration

Ø  July 2   Heat wave with high humidity – Start-up money given to the family to buy 2 fans,

Ø  July 14 The family volunteered at the Foire D’Été  organized by ARM

Ø  July      Our family contact Georgette received her Canadian Citizenship ( after 3 years)

Ø  Aug 18  The family & community went on a St Lawrence Riverboat cruise to get a view of

             the city from the historical river. It was fun-tastic.


Summer Highlights:

One session of French course is completed; another will be starting in the mid-August

Summer and soccer camps has helped the children find friends

The family seemed to like their lodging and its amenities, as well it proximity to parks

They are using the bus / metro extensively and aware of the timing required,

    as well they get around and shop by bicycle.

They are aware of other new-comers service groups (CACI, ARM, gov’t)

They want to do everything possible that Canadians do

They are very appreciative of our joint support group and considers us as extended family.

They are happy and grateful to be in Canada, away from the bombings..


Homam and Rita will be attending “School Welcome” classes in late August.

The family will have an appointment with a family doctor on August 28,

       other medical concerns will be reviewed.

The Code of Ethics group will meet on Sep 22 to view the documentary film

       produced by Fadia and Edwar and discuss and offer suggestions.

A “Job Search” workshop will be held in late September / early October. 


Thank you to all the kind souls that gave donations of money, furnishing and their time to this sponsorship mission.


It is wonderful to have the joint sponsorships of St Peter’s and Mount Royal United churches, the UCW (United Church Women) group, several citizens of TMR, special thanks to those that have downsized and offered their furnishings, those that helped in preparing the lodging, those that moved and especially to those faithful that are around anytime to help until the task is done on the joint sponsorship team and its church administration staff.

As well we are appreciative of the community news coverage in four local papers, ARM (Action Réfugiés Montréal), and IRCC / CIC.


Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement with our Syrian Refugee Sponsorship.

It is very much appreciated.

With God’s blessings and guidance, we continue onwards.

Do come out and meet our newcomers and our team.



“ Let There be Peace on Earth ! “