Lay Readers

Lay readers for September 1 to December 29, 1029


Sept 1                Laure de Langavant

Sept. 8               Alison Laurin

Sept. 15                  Winnie Stewart

Sept. 22              Gretel John

Sept. 29                   Margaret Heathcote

Oct. 6                  Ann Stanfield

Oct. 13                Paul Stanfield

Oct. 20                Alison Laurin

Oct. 27               Laure de Langavant

Nov. 3                  Gillian Davies

Nov. 10               Margaret Heathcote

Nov. 17               Ann Price

Nov. 24               Carol Murphy

Dec. 1                 Ann or Paul Stanfield

Dec. 8                 TBD

Dec. 15               TBD

Dec. 22               TBD

Dec. 29               TBD


Mount Royal United Church

Lay Reader Instructions and Schedule


            As an Elder or person who has indicated a willingness to be a scripture reader, to give welcome, and to read the announcements, we have assigned you a specific Sunday (see attached schedule) within the next few months.  If you are unable to participate on the designated date, please first start by calling someone on the list to see if you can exchange Sundays.  If this does not work out for you, you may also call me at (514) 738-4308 or Bev at the church office (514) 739-7741 for additional names on the reader list.


            On the Friday before your assigned Sunday, please call Bev’s office to obtain the scripture readings if you haven’t received them by e-mail.  You will probably want to borrow a pew Bible a few days in advance in order to go over your readings.  You may also want to rehearse your readings before the service, using the microphone on the lectern. 

            So that you can be heard clearly, always be sure to adjust the microphone according to your height so that it is no more than 8 to 10 inches from your mouth. The sexton should have the sound system on by the time Sunday morning choir rehearsal is finished.  Then you should immediately go to the lectern and see that the green indicator at the base of the microphone is on, and remains on.  Then please test your voice level and rehearse your readings before the service.  A male member of the choir will be made available to assist you should you need help. 


            Before the service, the minister will provide you with a script for the welcome and announcements as well as any last minute changes.  You will find these on the office door Sunday morning along with a printout of the scripture readings.


            For any additional information, please call me or the church office.

            Your kind cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


                                                                                    Gwen Kirton

                                                                                    Coordinator of Readers