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Our Minister


The Reverend David Clinker


David Clinker was ordained into the United Church of Canada in 1985. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1982, his Master of Divinity from the University of Toronto in 1985 and a Master's in Religious Education from U of T in 1993. 

During his theology studies, he served Metropolitan United Church in Toronto as a student minister. Following ordination, he served the Strome-Killam Pastoral Charge in Alberta, and Riverside United Church in London, Ont. David comes to us from the First United Church in St. Thomas, Ontario, where he was Senior Minister for 10 years. He has demonstrated strength in preaching, worship leadership, pastoral care and education. 

David and his wife Susan have a daughter, Susannah.

Minister's Message


I love the 'web. I love the glimpse it gives inside so many different places. 
I am glad you are taking a peek inside Mount Royal United Church. I believe that this site will give you a pretty accurate picture of our congregation's life and work. I hope it also conveys some of our joy and energy.

As minister of this congregation for more than fifteen years, I can attest to the diversity of this community of faith. Our members come from all sort of different backgrounds and places: a few grew up in Mount Royal United; most have come from other congregations in different parts of Canada, the United States, and the world; many were baptized in other denominations and have chosen to exercise their faith-life with us. From these varied backgrounds we meld into a diverse community where faith is expressed in a wide variety of ways.

Together, we enjoy the congregation's traditional sanctuary, but find that worship is increasingly innovative. There is a blend of scripture and prayers with the music of a fine Casavant organ, traditional hymns and choral music, and more contemporary songs and the jazz rhythms of our music director, Michel Gauthier. Whether we gather for a Sunday Morning service, for Christmas or Easter, or for a wedding, baptism, funeral or memorial service, we seek to celebrate God's presence in all our worship.

In true United Church tradition, we not only live out our faith in worship, but through an active congregational life. There is pastoral care for our members, and outreach into the wider community. Throughout our web site you will find information on upcoming events, community outreach, and Christian Education opportunities. There is an active Sunday School Program, two terrific Youth Groups, and Sunday Nursery with a regular nursery attendant available week by week. We also offer adults opportunities to explore and develop their faith, through bible studies and theme speakers. We are committed to nurturing the faith of our members, from our youngest children to the oldest member. 

So please, take a peek inside Mount Royal United Church. Browse through the website, or, join us in person, if you like. We look forward to meeting you. 

David Clinker